1st Consultation


This will consist of a 40 mins consultation focusing on your symptoms, concerns and the initiation of a treatment plan. Occasionally an examination will be required based on the symptoms you are experiencing. Cost: €150

It is helpful to bring a copy of any recent blood tests, breast, endocrine or gynaecological investigations to this appointment to prevent duplicate investigations.  It is also helpful to bring a copy of the summary page of your medical history which lists your background medical history and current medications. This can be obtained from your GP before your appointment.

It is also helpful to print and fill out a copy of the Danu Symptom Chart to bring with you to the appointment.

Occasionally further tests and procedures will be recommended which may incur additional costs such as:

  • Blood tests:
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan:
  • DEXA scan to assess bone mineral density:
  • Mirena Coil insertion:
  • STI screen:

A synopsis of the consultation outlining any recommendations or prescribed medications can be sent to your GP if desired.

Follow-up Consultation

This will consist of a 30min consultation. Cost: €80

Every woman is different and can have different responses to individual treatments. For some women there is immediate success, whereas for others there will need to be adjustments to treatment regimens, or indeed several different regimens might be required before a woman feels herself again.

Not everyone will require a 2nd consultation, however it is advised for women who have received a prescription for HRT or non-hormonal oral medication to avail of a follow-up appointment to assess response to treatment and to determine potential complications and side-effects.

To make an appointment, please call the 4th Practice on 022 52944 or email