Repeat Prescriptions

Is this your first time renewing your script after starting HRT?

If you have started HRT for the  first time,  an official review appointment is required before a script can be renewed.  This is a standard requirement for any form of hormone therapy. Certain quality checks are necessary such as BP & BMI, and side-effects need to be checked .

This is the official advice by the Irish Medical Council and considered safe medical practice.


For regular patients who are stable on a regimen

  • Repeat prescriptions will be attended to once/wk. as it is a weekly clinic, therefore please provide adequate notice that your script needs to be renewed. This will be done on Tuesdays (the day of the clinic)
  • If your symptoms are stable, and you have no side-effects, Dr. Moran is happy to issue 6-monthly scripts without the need for a review appointment. However, an official review will be required once/yr.
  • The cost for a repeat prescription is €35 which needs to be paid in advance